Friday, September 17, 2010

World Child Project’s Art Gallery Auction and Fundraising Event

Attended the WCP fund raiser and took a few pics, below is a little about what they do.

WCP brings together volunteers that are leaders in the worlds of art, business, education, medicine and science, and give them opportunities to contribute directly; by simply doing what they are good at and what they are most passionate about.  WCP identifies orphanage directors who have already developed effective programs but lack the financial and human capital resources to build on their successes. We then invest time and money to develop integrated education, health and direct care programs that are both effective and sustainable.

WCP understands that child poverty is a complex problem that no one single intervention can adequately and permanently address. Instead, we attack the problem from a “systems” perspective by focusing on projects that have more than one positive outcome for orphaned and abandoned children and their communities. In this way, WCP develops programs that confront the current infrastructural obstacles that perpetuate child poverty.

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