Sunday, August 1, 2010

Savor Los Angeles, Cops With Tacos, and Drinking Games

Started out at an event my friend V from FoundTrack told me about called Savor Los Angeles, the FoundTrack food testing team was there to help me sample as well. Tons of great cupcakes, check out the pics, and other sweet treats to try, I especially liked Pure CheeseCakes they deliver to you. I was also a fan of P.O.P. Candy, No Reservations catering truck and the S'more cupcakes from GottaHaveSmore. All of the vendors had really great eats, and you can probably find links to all of them on the Savor LA website, worth checking out.

After that it was off to our friends B&A but on the way we passed cops eating at a taco truck, which for some reason I thought was very LA, so I took a pictures.

At B&A's there were drinking games to spectate and good times all around. Check out all the picures.

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