Friday, June 18, 2010

In The Beginning

Well here it is one fourth of a score and about 7 months later than what it should have been.

First and foremost let me apologies for all the bad grammar and spelling which is to come I'll work on that.

Second the blog is a place to put info and links to my stuff and the work of others, I really hope to hear from anyone who wants to contribute events happening anywhere but especially in Southern California. Please also submit your own event photography links and I will post them as time permits. I'm always busy so I will try to prioritize events that I think will be fun and happening in the near future first, then past events, galleries, art work and so on as I get time (which may be a long time). You can email the info directly to

Special thanks to V and Nass for their help with the blog and info please check them out at

You can find links to my selected work on Face Book under The Bees Eye Photography fan page and on my flickr account at

The next few posts will just be galleries of past events I've done for different outlets. If you would like to have me out to any of your events please feel free to give me a call or text at 213.537.5688

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